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Unique Video & Media Productions, Inc.

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There are three reasons why you might like to consider our videography company for your wedding memories








Dear Bride-to-be:


I hope you've gotten a feel for our philosophy:  We are straight shooters with you.  That means...


                                                • We listen to you.

• We don't play games with our prices.

• There are no surprises or hidden charges.



Our prices are not inexpensive.  We can direct you to lower priced Videographers who might be better suited for you if this is your only concern.  But our quality, professionalism, attitude and value are tops. 


        Our Demo will show you a Slow Motion Ceremony

                                                 Slow Motion Reception

                                                    90-minute edited Wedding Memory  (Compressed to a  4-minutes quick view )


Call 845-297-9498 for a true Emotional   Sights &  Sounds  of your Wedding Day.




Jim & Lucille


P.S.  Please visit our Web Site at  and view  “Live Wedding Memories”


Or better yet

Make an appointment & Visit our Studio for additional Information and Demos

 (845) 297 - 9498